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Wedding Entertainment

This is only to give you an idea of what we can offer. For example, you may want to bring your own selection music and we can provide the sound system.

Please speak with our wedding coordinators to plan this part of your wedding.


Our standard wedding packages offer a variety of music:

Instrumental & vocal duo

If you are looking for something a little bit different (and at an extra cost if not already included in your selected wedding package) you may like to have:

Exotic Dancer

Our Belly Dancer is a great entertainer. She really livens up the evening with her energetic half hour routine and we feel sure you’ll be asking for an encore!

Traditional Turkish Folk Dancing

You can always add even more colour and excitement to your reception with an energetic dance group. A selection of regional dances is presented in a blaze of colour and culture. We can provide details of the extra cost involved at your request.

Latin Dancers

Why not include a little exotic and steamy Latin dancing to your Mediterranean wedding reception? You can be certain that these dancers are guaranteed to add sparkle and romance to the evening. Who knows, you may even pick up some tips to use on the dance floor!


We have our own sound system and that may be all you need, if you are bringing your own music selection but if you wish, we can bring along one of the best local DJs at an extra charge. 

NB: We also have all the music needed to get everyone dancing. Alternatively you can provide a play list of your own for a non-stop day (and night) of your favourite sounds…